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Cataract is a clouding of the eye lens, which leads to a vision worsening. Thanks to the modern medicine and advanced technologies the cataract surgery is nowadays one of the safest operations at all. The clouded lens can be replaced with an artificial one. This type of operation does not need any essential limitations on the patient’s side, before not even after the surgery. The procedure itself takes 10-15 minutes.

In the Eye Centre Prague  we offer a range of premium and above-standard intraocular lenses for the high-quality vision. The basic description can be found in the “Intraocular lenses” section.

Cataract surgery



The preliminary examination takes about 1-2 hours. Your doctor thoroughly explores your eyes and eye fundus during the examination, also he explains the surgery procedure and suggests the best solution, which fits you. Bring along the glasses you normally wear and a list of medicines you take. Please note, that after the examination you will not be able to drive your car for several hours.

The cataract surgery

You do not have to be afraid of the cataract surgery. The procedure itself takes just 15 minutes and it is absolutely painless. We will do our best for you to feel comfortable and safe. During the operation your lens affected by cataract will be removed and replaced by the clear artificial one. Your eye will be patched till the other day. When the patch is removed, you will be able to see with the eye. The potential operation of the second eye is usually performed within 2 weeks.

Postoperative examinations

Our receptionists will arrange an appointment for a check-up with you right after the operation, for which you must arrive within 3 days after the surgery. We will do our best to comply with your wishes as for the date and time of the examination.

Standard surgery

We use exclusively the quality intraocular lenses of the American manufacturer Lenstec, so our patient would never have to be afraid he would be offered a cheap lens produced in developing countries. All information about premium and above-standard intraocular lenses we offer in the Eye Centre Prague, as well as the information about Lenstec, can be found in the Intraocular lenses section.

The cataract surgery is the only unrepeatable opportunity for you to choose how you will see the world after the operation. Therefore, we highly recommend that you carefully read the information about the premium and above-standard lenses.




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