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The Eye Centre Prague  has been co-working with the American intraocular lens manufacture Lenstec for a long time already. The premium Lenstec lenses are made from the most quality and time-tested biocompatible materials. Thanks to the special technological production method the achieved intraocular lens tolerance is ±0.11D, while the ISO and industry standard is ±0,40D. The Lenstec intraocular lenses are the only in the world having the quarter-size increments of power. The 0.25D increments have been used for a long time for glasses and contact lenses, and thanks to the Lenstec advanced technology this advantage is available for the intraocular lenses at last. The high technology precision and dioptre increments make your postoperative vision as good as possible All of the intraocular lenses used in the Eye Centre Prague can be placed into your eye through a very small incision (approx. 2.2mm), which enables fast and safe healing. The Lenstec manufacturer is one of the few companies in the world certified by FDA – U.S. organization responsible for the public health protection and product safety.



Better vision with above-standard intraocular lens

We offer our patients a wide range of above-standard intraocular lenses, which insure better vision after the surgery.

The above-standard lenses are as follows:

a) aspheric intraocular lens – better vision in worsened light conditions (dark and fog)

b) aspheric intraocular lens with yellow filter protecting the retina – intraocular lens covered with a yellow filter protecting against harmful blue and violet spectrum of light, which can damage the retina. Furthermore the lens has an aspheric profile, which allows better vision in worsened light conditions.

c) toric intraocular lens – balances astigmatism and reduces dependence on glasses. The needed glasses are therefore a lot cheaper than before.

d) multifocal intraocular lens – thanks to its special profile this lens allows high-quality vision for distance, near and intermediate areas.

More information about premium and above-standard lenses can be found in the section Multifocal Lenses.


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