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Above-standard multifocal intraocular lenses

You can find the basic characteristic of the intraocular lenses we offer in the Eye Centre Prague as follows.  The important moment for you anyway, will be the preliminary examination and  consultation with our specialists, who will explain all the differences between the lenses and help you choose the best possible option for you.



Intraocular SBL-3 DUAL OPTIC lens uses the most advanced processing technology with high accuracy and features excellent contrast sensitivity. Its multifocal optical zone design provides one transition only between distance vision, near vision and the intermediate. Unlike the other multifocal lenses, which usually fail in twilight, dark and glare from the oncoming cars when driving, the SBL-3 Dual Optic minimizes level of these phenomena. The power steps of 0.25D allow 3 times higher precision of the dioptre value. The intraocular SBL-3 Dual Optic lens was first implanted in the Czech Republic just at the Eye Centre Prague.

Intraocular Tetraflex HD lens is American accommodation lens, which allows correction of presbyopia as well as active life without glasses. The power steps of 0.25D allow 3 times higher precision of the dioptre value. Patient is able to see in all 3 vision areas. Its well-thought construction makes use of the natural accommodative mechanism of the human eye. Material of which the lens is made has a low incidence of the postoperative light phenomena and flare, which is the often problem of the lenses dealing with presbyopia. Tetraflex HD is ideal intraocular lens for active seniors and drivers.

Acrysof Restor is American multifocal aspheric intraocular lens covered by yellow filter for the retina protection. Acrysof Restor is the most often implanted multifocal lens in the world. It is optimized for distance, near and intermediate vision areas without glasses. Laser adjustment is included in the first surgery price.

Tecnis is an American multifocal intraocular lens for patients with presbyopia or cataract. It is optimized for clear vision in all three areas. Laser adjustment is included in the first surgery price.

Zeiss Trifocal is a trifocal lens which ensures sharp distance, near and intermediate distance vision. Compared to the multifocal lens the intermediate distance vision is improved (e.g. when working on computer).


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