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When is the right time for me to undergo the laser refractive surgery?

The laser refractive surgery is generally suitable for patients under 45 years, who wear glasses for distance vision. The most frequently corrected refractive disorder is short-sightedness (myopia) and different sorts of astigmatism. With this method it is possible to correct also far-sightedness (hypermetropia) in certain cases.

When is the refractive laser surgery not suitable for me?

You must be 18 years old with at least 2 years’ stable refractive disorder. If you are a woman, you must not be pregnant or breast feeding. If you have ever had herpes in your eye (Herpes Opthalmicus), you cannot undergo the laser surgery.

What are the limitations after the laser refractive surgery?

After the surgery you must avoid swimming in a pool, in the sea and visiting sauna. During the first two weeks it is necessary to avoid applying make-up and rubbing your eyes, do any sports; and until one month after the surgery any contact sports with risk of injury or direct blow in the eye are forbidden.

What is the process of the examination procedure?

Each patient must undergo a thorough examination by special computer diagnostic tools and clinical medical examination before the surgery. According to the final examination results the treatment plan will be settled and the treatment options specified. The preliminary examination consists of different types of screening with the following devices: automatic keratometer, refractometer, abberometer and Pentacam device. Also you need to undergo examination of the visual acuity (distance and near vision), intraocular pressure, eye fundus examination in cycloplegia and interview with the surgeon.

How long does the preliminary examination take and will I be able to drive my car afterwards?

The preliminary examination might take approximately 2 hours. You will not be able to drive a car for about 6-8 hours; the cycloplegia effect might persist for up to 24 hours.

For how long before the examination I should not be wearing my contact lenses?

Contact lenses change the corneal curvature to a certain point. It is necessary not to wear soft contact lenses for about 1 week before the examination (with hard contact lenses it is 2 weeks) and 5 days before the surgery.

When can I undergo the surgery after the examination?

You cannot be operated sooner than two days after the examination, after the cycloplegia effect wears off. The term will be settled according to your availability on the clinic reception. The approximate waiting time is 3-4 weeks. We recommend the surgery to be performed within 3 months after the preliminary examination.

How long does the surgery take?

The procedure of removing dioptres with the excimer laser takes 10-40 seconds on one eye depending on the lens power. Overall you spend 2-3 hours with preoperative preparations, surgery itself and postoperative checks.

When should I arrive for a check-up?

The first examination after the surgery needs to be done the other day and the next check-up should be after one week.

What is it the LASIK method?

The LASIK (Laser In Situ Keratomileusis) is time-proven and by many millions of patients proven laser surgery method, which has a very good efficacy in wide range of short-sightedness, far-sightedness and astigmatism with exception of extremely high extent of these disorders. The LASIK method combines the change of corneal curvature by excimer laser with the corneal segment technique made by a cutting tool called microkeratome.

What is the Custom Vue method?

Custom Vue is an additional method to LASIK, where the laser operation is based on the digital map of the dioptric eye conditions. This map (wave front) has much more distinctive and descriptive ability compared to the standard description of the eye refractive power in dioptres. It is established by measuring with the device called aberrometer. The whole procedure is “tailor-fit“ on the particular eye and has more potential to gain better vision than glasses and contact lenses, especially in low light conditions. Whether this method is suitable and beneficial for you, will be known after the preliminary examination. 


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